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Kendra Parker


Ms. Kendra Parker has been in the Lawrence County school system for over 32 years, starting out as a co-op student at the board of education.

She was an assistant principal for 3 years, and has been a principal for four years now, serving at Speake School and Moulton Elementary School.

Just this year, MES received the Blue Ribbon Lighthouse School Award. The school was reviewed this past spring and awarded the status this September. "Our teachers work very hard for our students, and it is very evident in the feedback we receive from parents and the community," says Ms. Parker.

Moulton Elementary is currently under construction with a 20 classroom addition projected to be completed this school year. The completion of the new school and tearing down the old building will bring about logistical challenges during the process. Even with the challenges, Ms. Parker is excited that the project is moving forward.